3-South Episode Rating Graph poster

3-South Episode Rating Graph

Nov 2002 - Jan 2003


3-South Episode Rating Graph poster

3 South is an American animated series that aired on MTV. The show focused on two lifelong friends, Sanford and Del, and their adventures at the fictional Barder College. With the exception of their roommate Joe, nearly everyone at Barder is stupid and inept. Nonetheless, the idiotic, irresponsible, and thoughtless Sanford and Del are portrayed as the series' heroes, whereas the responsible, intelligent Joe is the de facto villain in most episodes. The series was created by Family Guy veteran writers Mark Hentemann and Steve Callaghan, based on a short film they had created years earlier. It is to-date the only animated series produced for MTV by Warner Bros. Animation. The show's theme song is The Flaming Lips' song "Fight Test" from the album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

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