Wings Episode Rating Graph poster

Wings Episode Rating Graph

Apr 1990 - May 1997


Wings Episode Rating Graph poster

Browse episode ratings trends for Wings. Simply click on the interactive rating graph to explore the best and worst of Wings's 172 episodes.


The best rated episodes of Wings are:
  • Joe Blows (1) S5E7 rated 8.3
  • Final Approach (2) S8E24 rated 8.3
  • As Fate Would Have It S3E22 rated 8.2
  • Death Becomes Him S7E3 rated 8.2
  • Terminal Jealousy S5E2 rated 8.1
  • My Brother's Back—And There's Gonna Be Trouble S2E15 rated 8.1
  • Stop in the Name of Love S5E1 rated 8.1
  • Just Call Me Angel S8E14 rated 8.1
  • When a Man Loves a Donut S7E8 rated 8.1
  • Hooker, Line and Sinker S7E5 rated 8.1
The lowest rated episodes of Wings are:
  • Moonlighting S5E18 rated 6.6
  • Raging Bull*&@! S8E22 rated 6.8
  • Too Beautiful for You S8E5 rated 6.8
  • Oedipus Wrecks S8E21 rated 6.9
  • Two Jerks and a Jill S4E6 rated 7.0
  • Life Could Be a Dream S7E23 rated 7.1
  • 'Twas the Heist Before Christmas S7E10 rated 7.1
  • Return to Nantucket (1) S1E3 rated 7.1
  • There's Always Room for Cello S2E10 rated 7.2
  • The Fortune Cookie S4E2 rated 7.2

The first episode of Wings aired on April 19, 1990.

The last episode of Wings aired on May 21, 1997.

There are 172 episodes of Wings.

There are 8 seasons of Wings.


Wings has ended.

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