Kung Fu Episode Rating Graph poster

Kung Fu Episode Rating Graph

Oct 1972 - Apr 1975


Kung Fu Episode Rating Graph poster

Browse episode ratings trends for Kung Fu. Simply click on the interactive rating graph to explore the best and worst of Kung Fu's 62 episodes.


The best rated episodes of Kung Fu are:
  • The Vanishing Image S3E13 rated 8.0
  • My Brother, My Executioner S3E6 rated 8.0
  • The Passion Of Chen Yi S2E19 rated 7.9
  • The Garments Of Rage S3E9 rated 7.9
  • Superstition S1E12 rated 7.9
  • A Small Beheading S3E3 rated 7.9
  • This Valley of Terror S3E4 rated 7.9
  • The Well S2E1 rated 7.9
  • A Lamb To The Slaughter S3E14 rated 7.9
  • Alethea S1E10 rated 7.8
The lowest rated episodes of Kung Fu are:
  • The Demon God S3E12 rated 6.8
  • The Devil's Champion S3E8 rated 6.8
  • Besieged (2): Cannon At The Gates S3E11 rated 6.9
  • The Nature Of Evil S2E21 rated 7.0
  • Blood of the Dragon (1) S3E1 rated 7.0
  • Crossties S2E18 rated 7.2
  • The Brujo S2E4 rated 7.2
  • The Elixir S2E11 rated 7.3
  • The Gunman S2E12 rated 7.3
  • The Thief Of Chendo S3E22 rated 7.3

The first episode of Kung Fu aired on October 14, 1972.

The last episode of Kung Fu aired on April 26, 1975.

There are 62 episodes of Kung Fu.

There are 3 seasons of Kung Fu.


Kung Fu has ended.

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