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Saber y Ganar

Feb 1997 - present


Saber y Ganar poster

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Saber y ganar, the cultural quiz show of "La 2" hosted by Jordi Hurtado, has celebrated sixteen years on the air, thus becoming the daily program with a longer running time in the history of Spanish television. During the show's thirty-minute duration three contestants compete in different tests where they have to answer trivia-like questions, putting their mental, reasoning and memory abilities to the test. Most of the questions have a moderate level of difficulty and are spread over six different games: "Cada sabio con su tema", where each contestant answer questions about a given topic of their choice; "La pregunta caliente", where contestants must answer random questions; "El duelo", where two contestants answer questions about a topic that changes daily; "La parte por el todo", where the contestants must figure out what an image, piece of text or piece of music belong to; "La calculadora humana", where the contestant with the second highest score must answer fifteen basic arithmetic operations in 50 seconds in order to keep his/her earnings for the day; and finally "El reto", where the contestant with the least score has to figure out seven words from their root and definition in order to remain in the game. If the contestant loses the "El Reto", a new individual will be chosen to replace him/her the next episode.

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