Freakazoid! Episode Rating Graph poster

Freakazoid! Episode Rating Graph

Sep 1995 - Jun 1997


Freakazoid! Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Freakazoid! are:
  • And Fan Boy Is His Name / Lawn Gnomes Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun / Freak's French Lesson S1E4 rated 8.3
  • The Freakazoid S2E2 rated 8.0
  • House of Freakazoid / Sewer or Later S1E12 rated 8.0
  • The Chip (Acts I - III) S1E6 rated 8.0
  • Five Day Forecast / Dance of Doom / Hand Man S1E1 rated 8.0
  • Candle Jack / Toby Danger in Doomsday Bet / The Lobe S1E2 rated 8.0
  • Hero Boy S2E5 rated 7.9
The lowest rated episodes of Freakazoid! are:
  • Relax-O-Vision / Fatman and Boy Blubber / Limbo Lock-Up / Terror Palace S1E9 rated 6.7
  • Hot Rods from Heck / A Time for Evil S1E8 rated 6.7
  • In Arm's Way / The Cloud S1E10 rated 6.8
  • Next Time, Phone Ahead / Nerdator S1E11 rated 6.9
  • Statuesque S2E7 rated 7.2
  • The Chip (Act IV) / Freakazoid is History S1E7 rated 7.2
  • Freak-a-Panel / Tomb of Invisibo S2E10 rated 7.3

The first episode of Freakazoid! aired on September 09, 1995.

The last episode of Freakazoid! aired on June 01, 1997.

There are 24 episodes of Freakazoid!.

There are 2 seasons of Freakazoid!.


Freakazoid! has ended.

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