The Contender Episode Rating Graph poster

The Contender Episode Rating Graph

Mar 2005 - Feb 2009


The Contender Episode Rating Graph poster

A reality television series that follows a group of boxers as they compete with one another in an elimination-style competition, while their lives and relationships with each other and their families are depicted.


The best rated episodes of The Contender are:
  • Fight 9 S5E9 rated 9.0
  • Fight 11 S5E11 rated 8.7
  • Fight 7 S5E7 rated 8.5
  • Fight 8 S5E8 rated 8.3
  • Fight 2 S5E2 rated 8.3
  • Mora/Turpin S1E4 rated 8.3
  • Brinkley/Reid S1E2 rated 8.3
  • Fight 5 S5E5 rated 8.3
  • Fight 6 S5E6 rated 8.1
  • Fight 10 S5E10 rated 8.0
The lowest rated episodes of The Contender are:
  • Fight 3 S5E3 rated 5.9
  • Espino/Manfredo S1E6 rated 6.0
  • Mora/Brinkley S1E15 rated 6.0
  • The First Will Be the Last and the Last Will Be the First/Clark/Bundrage S2E1 rated 6.0
  • Bonsante/Cooper S1E7 rated 6.3
  • Lange/Gilbert S1E9 rated 6.7
  • Gomez/Kaddour S1E11 rated 6.7
  • Salamaci/De La Rosa S1E8 rated 7.0
  • Manfredo/Gilbert S1E12 rated 7.0
  • Brinkley/Bonsante S1E13 rated 7.0

The first episode of The Contender aired on March 07, 2005.

The last episode of The Contender aired on February 25, 2009.

There are 65 episodes of The Contender.

There are 5 seasons of The Contender.


The Contender has ended.

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