Moonlighting Episode Rating Graph poster

Moonlighting Episode Rating Graph

Mar 1985 - May 1989


Moonlighting Episode Rating Graph poster

Browse episode ratings trends for Moonlighting. Simply click on the interactive rating graph to explore the best and worst of Moonlighting's 66 episodes.

The best rated episodes of Moonlighting are:
  • Twas the Episode Before Christmas S2E10 rated 8.4
  • I Am Curious... Maddie (4) S3E14 rated 8.4
  • Los Dos DiPestos S4E8 rated 8.4
  • Atomic Shakespeare S3E7 rated 8.3
  • In God We Strongly Suspect S2E13 rated 8.3
  • Poltergeist III--- Dipesto Nothing S3E10 rated 8.1
  • Come Back Little Shiksa S4E2 rated 8.1
  • Somewhere Under the Rainbow S2E7 rated 8.1
  • Yours, Very Deadly S3E4 rated 8.1
  • Sam & Dave (2) S3E12 rated 8.0
The lowest rated episodes of Moonlighting are:
  • A Womb With a View S5E1 rated 6.1
  • Shirts and Skins S5E5 rated 6.5
  • I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld S5E7 rated 6.5
  • Perfetc S5E9 rated 6.6
  • In 'N Outlaws S5E11 rated 6.8
  • Take My Wife, For Example S5E6 rated 6.9
  • Here's Living With You, Kid S4E13 rated 7.1
  • Lunar Eclipse S5E13 rated 7.2
  • Those Lips, Those Lies S5E8 rated 7.2
  • Cool Hand Dave (2) S4E6 rated 7.3

The first episode of Moonlighting aired on March 03, 1985.

The last episode of Moonlighting aired on May 14, 1989.

There are 66 episodes of Moonlighting.

There are 5 seasons of Moonlighting.


Moonlighting has ended.

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