Hawthorne Episode Rating Graph poster

Hawthorne Episode Rating Graph

Jun 2009 - Aug 2011


Hawthorne Episode Rating Graph poster

Christina Hawthorne is a compassionate and headstrong Chief Nursing Officer heading up a group of dedicated nurses at Richmond Trinity Hospital on the hospital's front lines. She does everything in her power to help her patients. When necessary, she takes on doctors and administrators who are overworked, distracted or just unable to see the human being behind the hospital chart. But the long days at the hospital and Hawthorne’s intense focus on helping others take a toll on her personal life.


The best rated episodes of Hawthorne are:
  • No Guts, No Glory S1E8 rated 7.9
  • Pilot S1E1 rated 7.7
  • Trust Me S1E6 rated 7.7
  • Yielding S1E3 rated 7.7
  • Healing Time S1E2 rated 7.5
  • Road Narrows S2E3 rated 7.5
  • All the Wrong Places S1E4 rated 7.5
  • Night Moves S1E7 rated 7.4
  • The Sense of Belonging S1E5 rated 7.4
The lowest rated episodes of Hawthorne are:
  • Price of Admission S3E8 rated 5.5
  • Parental Guidance Required S3E3 rated 5.8
  • To Tell the Truth S3E7 rated 6.3
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered S3E9 rated 6.3
  • Let Freedom Sing S3E5 rated 6.4
  • Just Between Friends S3E6 rated 6.4
  • A Fair to Remember S3E4 rated 6.5
  • Hello and Goodbye S1E10 rated 6.6
  • Picture Perfect S2E9 rated 6.6

The first episode of Hawthorne aired on June 16, 2009.

The last episode of Hawthorne aired on August 16, 2011.

There are 30 episodes of Hawthorne.

There are 3 seasons of Hawthorne.


Hawthorne has ended.

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