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Family Guy Episode Rating Graph

Jan 1999 - present


Family Guy Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Family Guy are:
  • Back to the Pilot S10E5 rated 8.1
  • Road to the Multiverse S8E1 rated 8.1
  • Forget-Me-Not S10E17 rated 8.0
  • Something, Something, Something, Dark Side S8E20 rated 8.0
  • Christmas Guy S12E8 rated 8.0
  • Blue Harvest S6E1 rated 8.0
  • The Simpsons Guy S13E1 rated 8.0
  • The Big Bang Theory S9E16 rated 8.0
  • Roads to Vegas S11E21 rated 7.9
  • Meet the Quagmires S5E18 rated 7.9
The lowest rated episodes of Family Guy are:
  • You Can't Handle the Booth S17E16 rated 6.2
  • Send in Stewie, Please S16E12 rated 6.9
  • Rock Hard S20E2 rated 6.9
  • Love Story Guy S21E11 rated 7.0
  • HBO-No S20E14 rated 7.0
  • CutawayLand S19E4 rated 7.0
  • Bri-Da S18E2 rated 7.0
  • Old West S21E12 rated 7.1
  • Who's Brian Now? S19E16 rated 7.1
  • Trump Guy S17E11 rated 7.1

The first episode of Family Guy aired on January 31, 1999.

The last episode of Family Guy aired on May 07, 2023.

There are 408 episodes of Family Guy.

There are 21 seasons of Family Guy.


Family Guy is set to return for future episodes.

Best Episodes of Family Guy

Family Guy is a popular animated sitcom known for its absurd humor, pop culture references, and irreverent take on family life. Here are some elements that are often present in the best episodes of the show: Strong Characters: The show's characters are well-developed, each with their own unique quirks and personalities that make them memorable and relatable. Fans of the show often have their favorite characters and love to see them interact with each other. Hilarious Jokes: Family Guy is known for its over-the-top, absurdist humor. The best episodes often feature a mix of clever one-liners, sight gags, and running jokes that keep audiences laughing from start to finish. Pop Culture References: The show is known for its references to popular culture, including movies, TV shows, music, and celebrities. The best episodes often include clever nods to current events or popular trends that add to the humor and wit of the show. Irreverent Themes: Family Guy often tackles taboo topics or pushes the boundaries of good taste. The best episodes often explore controversial themes in a way that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. Emotional Moments: Despite its irreverent humor, Family Guy has also been known to tug at viewers' heartstrings with poignant, emotional moments. The best episodes often strike a balance between comedy and drama, leaving audiences feeling both entertained and moved.

Worst Episodes of Family Guy

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