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Mar 2009 - May 2016


Castle Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Castle are:
  • Always S4E23 rated 8.7
  • Hunt (2) S5E16 rated 8.6
  • Knockout S3E24 rated 8.6
  • The Lives of Others S5E19 rated 8.5
  • Countdown (2) S3E17 rated 8.5
  • Target (1) S5E15 rated 8.5
  • Knockdown S3E13 rated 8.5
  • Tick, Tick, Tick... (1) S2E17 rated 8.5
  • After the Storm S5E1 rated 8.4
  • Probable Cause S5E5 rated 8.4
The lowest rated episodes of Castle are:
  • What Lies Beneath S8E4 rated 7.4
  • Tone Death S8E9 rated 7.5
  • PhDead S8E3 rated 7.5
  • Private Eye Caramba! S7E12 rated 7.5
  • Habeas Corpse S7E19 rated 7.5
  • Dead From New York S7E22 rated 7.5
  • Mr. & Mrs. Castle S8E8 rated 7.5
  • Much Ado About Murder S8E20 rated 7.5
  • And Justice for All S8E13 rated 7.6
  • I, Witness S7E13 rated 7.6

The first episode of Castle aired on March 09, 2009.

The last episode of Castle aired on May 16, 2016.

There are 173 episodes of Castle.

There are 8 seasons of Castle.



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