Homeland Episode Rating Graph poster

Homeland Episode Rating Graph

Oct 2011 - Apr 2020


Homeland Episode Rating Graph poster

Browse episode ratings trends for Homeland. Simply click on the interactive rating graph to explore the best and worst of Homeland's 96 episodes.


The best rated episodes of Homeland are:
  • The Choice S2E12 rated 8.5
  • Prisoners of War S8E12 rated 8.5
  • There's Something Else Going On S4E9 rated 8.5
  • Big Man in Tehran S3E11 rated 8.4
  • Marine One S1E12 rated 8.3
  • 13 Hours in Islamabad S4E10 rated 8.2
  • The Star S3E12 rated 8.2
  • Beirut is Back S2E2 rated 8.2
  • Good Night S3E10 rated 8.2
  • Halfway to a Donut S4E8 rated 8.1
The lowest rated episodes of Homeland are:
  • Long Time Coming S4E12 rated 7.2
  • Fair Game S6E1 rated 7.3
  • Separation Anxiety S5E1 rated 7.4
  • Tower of David S3E3 rated 7.4
  • Trylon and Perisphere S4E2 rated 7.5
  • The Covenant S6E3 rated 7.5
  • The Man in the Basement S6E2 rated 7.5
  • Standoff S7E3 rated 7.5
  • Iron in the Fire S4E4 rated 7.5
  • About a Boy S4E5 rated 7.6

The first episode of Homeland aired on October 02, 2011.

The last episode of Homeland aired on April 26, 2020.

There are 96 episodes of Homeland.

There are 8 seasons of Homeland.


Homeland has ended.

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