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Apr 2021 - present


Home Economics Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Home Economics are:
  • Ticket to Space, $1 Million S2E22 rated 8.0
  • Animatronic Gorilla, $2,200 S2E19 rated 8.0
  • Novel Signed by Author, $22.19 S3E6 rated 8.0
  • Poker Game, $800 Buy-In S2E18 rated 7.9
  • Salsa Competition Entry Fee, $45 S2E14 rated 7.9
  • Live With Kelly And Ryan Hoodie, Complimentary S3E5 rated 7.9
  • Box of King-Size Candy Bars, $48.99 S2E6 rated 7.8
  • FaceFlop App, $1.99 S2E15 rated 7.8
  • Workout Leggings, $29 S2E17 rated 7.8
  • Wedding Bouquet, $125 S3E4 rated 7.8
The lowest rated episodes of Home Economics are:
  • Mermaid Taffeta Wedding Dress, $1,999 S1E2 rated 7.1
  • Pilot S1E1 rated 7.1
  • Triple Scoop of Ice Cream, $6.39 S1E4 rated 7.2
  • 49ers Foam Fingers, $7 S2E1 rated 7.2
  • Bounce House Rental, $250 S1E3 rated 7.3
  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: An Oral History (Used), $11 S1E6 rated 7.3
  • 35% of Allied Harness and Sling LTD, $3,000,000 S1E5 rated 7.4
  • Opus One Cabernet, 2015, $500 S1E7 rated 7.4
  • Emergency Preparedness Kit, $129.99 S3E13 rated 7.4
  • Chorizo with Mojo Verde and Chicharrón, $45 S2E2 rated 7.5

The first episode of Home Economics aired on April 07, 2021.

The last episode of Home Economics aired on January 18, 2023.

There are 42 episodes of Home Economics.

There are 3 seasons of Home Economics.


Home Economics is set to return for future episodes.

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