Good Girls Episode Rating Graph poster

Good Girls Episode Rating Graph

Feb 2018 - Jul 2021


Good Girls Episode Rating Graph poster

Three "good girl" suburban wives and mothers suddenly find themselves in desperate circumstances and decide to stop playing it safe and risk everything to take their power back.


The best rated episodes of Good Girls are:
  • King S2E13 rated 8.2
  • Remix S1E10 rated 8.1
  • Pick Your Poison S2E4 rated 8.0
  • Jeff S2E12 rated 8.0
  • A View from the Top S1E6 rated 8.0
  • Everything Must Go S2E5 rated 7.9
  • This Land is Your Land S2E10 rated 7.9
  • I'd Rather Be Crafting S2E1 rated 7.9
  • You Have Reached The Voicemail Of Leslie Peterson S2E3 rated 7.9
  • Hunting Season S2E11 rated 7.9
The lowest rated episodes of Good Girls are:
  • Nevada S4E16 rated 7.2
  • Synergy S3E11 rated 7.5
  • Dave S4E4 rated 7.6
  • Pilot S1E1 rated 7.6
  • Fall Guy S4E3 rated 7.6
  • Nana S3E8 rated 7.6
  • Grandma Loves Grisham S4E6 rated 7.6
  • The Banker S4E5 rated 7.6
  • Opportunity S3E10 rated 7.6
  • We're Even S4E15 rated 7.6

The first episode of Good Girls aired on February 26, 2018.

The last episode of Good Girls aired on July 22, 2021.

There are 50 episodes of Good Girls.

There are 4 seasons of Good Girls.



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