Total Drama Island poster

Total Drama Island

Jul 2007 - Jan 2008


Total Drama Island poster

I cannot verbally explain how much i want to fuck gwen from total drama island. i want her to smother me with her humongous goth girl thighs. i want her to suffocate me with her pale tits. i would plow through her so fucking hard my dick would become straight again. i want her to crush my balls with a rock as she stares at me with her dark emo eyes. every single time she comes on screen my cock becomes rock hard and grows by 0.1 inches. i want her to rub her navy blue lips on my cock until all her lipstick is off and my cock is dark blue. i want to spread her ass so wide that owen could fit inside. i want to chain her up and whip her as she screams my name. i am almost out of rule34 art of her and i dont know what im gonna do. if i ever run out of porn of her i might just lose it and kill myself, god damn gwen is so fucking hot.


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