Wynonna Earp Episode Rating Graph poster

Wynonna Earp Episode Rating Graph

Apr 2016 - Apr 2021


Wynonna Earp Episode Rating Graph poster

Wyatt Earp's great granddaughter Wynonna battles demons and other creatures with her unique abilities and a posse of dysfunctional allies - the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice.


The best rated episodes of Wynonna Earp are:
  • Old Souls S4E12 rated 8.1
  • I Hope You Dance S2E12 rated 8.1
  • Holy War (2) S4E6 rated 7.9
  • War Paint S3E12 rated 7.9
  • I Walk the Line S1E13 rated 7.9
  • Friends in Low Places S4E2 rated 7.9
  • I See a Darkness S2E10 rated 7.9
  • She Ain't Right S2E4 rated 7.8
  • She Wouldn't Be Gone S1E10 rated 7.8
  • No Future in the Past S2E8 rated 7.8
The lowest rated episodes of Wynonna Earp are:
  • Purgatory S1E1 rated 7.2
  • Keep the Home Fires Burning S1E2 rated 7.4
  • Hell Raisin' Good Time S4E8 rated 7.5
  • Leavin' on Your Mind S1E3 rated 7.5
  • Diggin' Up Bones S1E5 rated 7.5
  • The Blade S1E4 rated 7.5
  • Crazy S4E9 rated 7.6
  • Constant Cravings S1E6 rated 7.6
  • Shed Your Skin S2E2 rated 7.6
  • If We Make It Through December S3E6 rated 7.6

The first episode of Wynonna Earp aired on April 01, 2016.

The last episode of Wynonna Earp aired on April 09, 2021.

There are 49 episodes of Wynonna Earp.

There are 4 seasons of Wynonna Earp.


Wynonna Earp has ended.

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