Beat Bobby Flay Episode Rating Graph poster

Beat Bobby Flay Episode Rating Graph

Mar 2014 - present


Beat Bobby Flay Episode Rating Graph poster

Two talented chefs go head-to-head for the chance to Beat Bobby Flay. To get to Bobby the chefs must first face off against each other, creating a spectacular dish with a secret ingredient of Bobby's choice. Judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Jeff Mauro know Bobby's strengths and his weaknesses. Their goal: Pick the chef who has the skills to take down Bobby Flay in his own arena. The winning chef gets to challenge Bobby with his or her surprise signature dish. If Bobby goes down, the winner can tell the world, "I beat Bobby Flay!"


The best rated episodes of Beat Bobby Flay are:
  • Bobby, We Need to Talk S33E1 rated 10.0
  • Alex, Eric & America vs Bobby S30E15 rated 10.0
  • Chocolate Showdown S29E6 rated 10.0
  • High Prune S28E13 rated 10.0
  • All Tapped Out S28E11 rated 10.0
  • Smoove Operator S30E11 rated 9.7
  • A is for Aasif, Alex ... and Ambush! S30E9 rated 9.3
  • Don't Oaxacaway from Me S30E6 rated 9.3
  • It's All Greek to Me S28E12 rated 9.3
  • Breakfast with Boswell S29E16 rated 9.0
The lowest rated episodes of Beat Bobby Flay are:
  • Heat in the Street S3E7 rated 5.8
  • The Boys are Back S7E6 rated 6.0
  • An International Affair S3E1 rated 6.2
  • Let the Trumpet Sound! S27E5 rated 6.3
  • The Nightmare Before Pastry S25E16 rated 6.3
  • Hook, Line and Sinker S6E9 rated 6.5
  • Belly Up! S26E11 rated 6.5
  • Beets Me S27E6 rated 6.5
  • Orange Is the New Beat S2E13 rated 6.6
  • Pot Calling the Kettle Beat S3E9 rated 6.6

The first episode of Beat Bobby Flay aired on March 03, 2014.

The last episode of Beat Bobby Flay aired on March 09, 2023.

There are 369 episodes of Beat Bobby Flay.

There are 33 seasons of Beat Bobby Flay.


Beat Bobby Flay is set to return for future episodes.

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