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Ultraman Leo Episode Rating Graph

Apr 1974 - Mar 1975


Ultraman Leo Episode Rating Graph poster

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Ultraman Leo is an Ultra foreign to the Land of Light, instead hailing from the fallen Planet L77 of the Leo constellation, where he and his brother Astra were royalty. After his planet was destroyed by Alien Magma and his twin Giras kaiju, Leo traveled to Earth, intending to make it a second home. While there, he blended into human society as Gen Ohtori, and became a gym instructor at a fitness club for children. But, when the Alien Magma that destroyed L77 came to conquer Earth, he was forced to take action. Leo met Ultraseven during his initial fight against Alien Magma, and became the first Ultra Crusader of Earth to not hail from the Land of Light. Unlike most of the previous Ultras to visit Earth, Leo's fighting style specializes in martial arts giving him far greater physical abilities than any other known Ultras. Despite his foreign origins, he, along with Astra, were readily accepted into the pantheon of the Ultra Brothers. During his tenure on Earth, Leo and Seven became very close, and it was for this reason that Seven would eventually entrust the training of his son Ultraman Zero to Leo and Astra.


The first episode of Ultraman Leo aired on April 12, 1974.

The last episode of Ultraman Leo aired on March 28, 1975.

There are 51 episodes of Ultraman Leo.

There is one season of Ultraman Leo.


Ultraman Leo has ended.

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