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Frauentausch is a German reality television series broadcast on RTL II. This program is similar to other Wife Swap programs, when, for ten days, wives exchange homes and families. They are allowed to advise each other through a video and information cards. The meet blindfolded, half-way en route to their new homes. They are allowed to greet each other, then are later asked for their impression of the meeting. On the tenth and last day of the swap the wives prepare for their trip home, and say goodbye to their substitute families. At the half-way point en route to their apartments, the women or men meet each other again. They might give each other advice on what they can change or talk about problems encountered, etc. Sometimes the discussions end in insults or even in violence. Finally we see their arrival at their own home and how their families receive them. On May 18, 2006, the hundredth episode was shown with a big anniversary special. It was shown whether the lives have changed of the families who have taken part at Frauentausch or whether there are new friendships between some families. Prisma Film produces with Tausche Familie a similarly successful format for Austrian television.

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