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Aug 2006 - Jul 2008


Di-Gata Defenders Episode Rating Graph poster

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Di-Gata Defenders is a Canadian action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy animated television series created by Greg Collinson with Nerd Studios and Nelvana Entertainment. This show is rated C8 according to the Canadian TV Classification System. The series currently has 52 episodes and is airing the Ethos Saga as of Fall 2007. In North America, this show is aired on Teletoon in Canada and on Fox network's 4Kids TV block as of July 28, 2007. Internationally, the series airs on the Cartoon Network for Australia, Maori Television for New Zealand, the series also airs on the Astro Ceria for Malaysia, Hero TV for the Philippines starting November 3, 2006 and Jetix for the UK starting August 25, 2007 and Kix! for the UK starting September 29, 2008. It airs on Disney XD in The Netherlands. The series follows the travels and adventures of six teenage children, part of an organization called the Di-Gata Defenders. Their mission as heroes is to defend RaDos against evil factions.


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