ThunderCats Episode Rating Graph poster

ThunderCats Episode Rating Graph

Jan 1985 - Sep 1989


ThunderCats Episode Rating Graph poster

The inhabitants of the planet Thundera evacuate just before it is destroyed. They were pursued by a band of mutants. All but one of their escape ships was destroyed. Only a small group of Thunderans (Thundercats) remained. With only half engine power, the group, which was led by Jaga, had to set a course for the nearest planet. Jaga commanded their ship while the other seven were in their stasis tubes. Jaga died on their journey to Third Earth and their ship crashed there. Soon they made friends with various groups in the area and they designed a fortress. Mumm-Ra the centuries-old embodiment of evil, along with the mutants that destroyed the rest of the Thunderans are a constant threat. But Lion-O, the new leader of the Thundercats, with his weapon the "Sword of Omens" will help the Thundercats to have a standing chance.


The best rated episodes of ThunderCats are:
  • Hachiman's Honor S2E22 rated 8.4
  • Mumm-Rana's Belt S2E21 rated 8.4
  • Well of Doubt S4E19 rated 8.4
  • The Book of Omens S4E20 rated 8.2
  • The Zaxx Factor S4E18 rated 8.2
  • Out of Sight S1E57 rated 8.2
  • Key to Thundera S3E11 rated 8.2
  • Return of the ThunderCubs S3E12 rated 8.2
  • The Mumm-Ra Berbil S1E47 rated 8.2
  • Touch of Amortus S4E17 rated 8.2
The lowest rated episodes of ThunderCats are:
  • Snarf Takes Up the Challenge S1E25 rated 6.9
  • Mongor S1E19 rated 7.1
  • Spitting Image S1E18 rated 7.1
  • Queen of 8 Legs S1E34 rated 7.2
  • The Chain of Loyalty S3E7 rated 7.2
  • The Tower of Traps S1E8 rated 7.2
  • Lord of the Snows S1E13 rated 7.2
  • The Doomgaze S1E12 rated 7.2
  • Mandora: the Evil Chaser S1E10 rated 7.2
  • The Fireballs of Plun-Darr S1E16 rated 7.2

The first episode of ThunderCats aired on January 23, 1985.

The last episode of ThunderCats aired on September 29, 1989.

There are 130 episodes of ThunderCats.

There are 4 seasons of ThunderCats.


ThunderCats has ended.

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