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Jun 2021 - Sep 2023


Physical Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Physical are:
  • Let's Get Together S1E10 rated 7.3
  • Don’t Try This at Home S2E7 rated 7.3
  • Let's Get This Party Started S1E4 rated 7.3
  • Let's Get It on Tape S1E6 rated 7.3
  • Let's Face the Facts S1E9 rated 7.2
  • Let's Get Down to Business S1E3 rated 7.2
  • Don’t You Know S2E4 rated 7.2
  • Don’t You Want to Get Better S2E9 rated 7.2
  • Don’t You Say It’s Over S2E10 rated 7.1
The lowest rated episodes of Physical are:
  • Like We Never Left S3E9 rated 6.7
  • Like Crazy S3E5 rated 6.8
  • Like a Prayer S3E10 rated 6.8
  • Like No One's Watching S3E7 rated 6.8
  • Like a Bitch S3E2 rated 6.8
  • Like a Rocket S3E4 rated 6.9
  • Like You Mean It S3E6 rated 6.9
  • Don’t You Want to Watch S2E5 rated 6.9
  • Let's Take This Show on the Road S1E7 rated 7.0

The first episode of Physical aired on June 18, 2021.

The last episode of Physical aired on September 26, 2023.

There are 30 episodes of Physical.

There are 3 seasons of Physical.


Physical has ended.

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