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Dino Ranch Episode Rating Graph

Jan 2021 - present


Dino Ranch Episode Rating Graph poster

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Worst Episodes of Dino Ranch

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The best rated episodes of Dino Ranch are:
  • Rebel's Wonderful Way S2E30 rated 10.0
  • Sonny Daze S2E29 rated 10.0
  • Wild Wild Thunderfoot S1E24 rated 9.0
  • The Long Way Home S1E7 rated 9.0
  • Ranch-a-Palooza S1E37 rated 8.5
  • This Ranch Ain't Big Enough S1E41 rated 8.0
  • It's a Dino Egg-Mergency! S1E40 rated 8.0
  • The Dino Doldrums S1E26 rated 8.0
  • One Good Turn S1E22 rated 8.0
  • Clover's Height Fright S1E20 rated 8.0
The lowest rated episodes of Dino Ranch are:
  • Ridin' Mighty S1E45 rated 2.0
  • Calling All Riders! S1E46 rated 2.0
  • Storm-A-Lert S1E47 rated 2.0
  • Adoptasaurus Rex S1E48 rated 2.0
  • Dino Ranch Rocks S1E49 rated 2.0
  • Guitar Heroes S1E23 rated 5.0
  • Blitz Be Gone S1E31 rated 6.0
  • Dino Sore S1E35 rated 6.0
  • Sky's the Limit S1E38 rated 6.0
  • Trading Day S1E39 rated 6.0

The first episode of Dino Ranch aired on January 18, 2021.

The last episode of Dino Ranch aired on April 13, 2024.

There are 128 episodes of Dino Ranch.

There are 3 seasons of Dino Ranch.


Dino Ranch is set to return for future episodes.

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