Sixth Sense Episode Rating Graph poster

Sixth Sense Episode Rating Graph

Sep 2020 - present


Sixth Sense Episode Rating Graph poster

Browse episode ratings trends for Sixth Sense. Simply click on the interactive rating graph to explore the best and worst of Sixth Sense's 36 episodes.

The best rated episodes of Sixth Sense are:
  • The Unusual Consultants S2E11 rated 8.3
  • One Last Guess S1E8 rated 8.2
  • Unique Global Workouts S1E4 rated 8.1
  • Unique Chicken Restaurants S1E3 rated 8.1
  • The Visuals Special: Taste With Your Eyes S2E12 rated 8.0
  • Eccentric Collectors S1E6 rated 8.0
  • Eccentric Restaurants S1E1 rated 8.0
  • Are These Prices Real? S2E1 rated 7.9
The lowest rated episodes of Sixth Sense are:
  • The Fake Fortune Teller S2E4 rated 6.9
  • The spiritual food of Korea: Kimchi's rebel S3E5 rated 7.1
  • Change Your Life with One Food! S2E6 rated 7.3
  • What Kind Of Job Is This? S2E8 rated 7.3
  • Taste of summer that grabs the heat! S2E7 rated 7.4
  • Sleep science for the insomniacs S3E3 rated 7.4
  • Great places with host and guests reversal S3E4 rated 7.4
  • Are These Menus Real? S2E3 rated 7.4

The first episode of Sixth Sense aired on September 03, 2020.

The last episode of Sixth Sense aired on June 17, 2022.

There are 36 episodes of Sixth Sense.

There are 3 seasons of Sixth Sense.


Sixth Sense is set to return for future episodes.

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