Numberblocks Episode Rating Graph poster

Numberblocks Episode Rating Graph

Jan 2017 - present


Numberblocks Episode Rating Graph poster

Learn how much fun counting can be with the Numberblocks - a fun-loving group of numbers who work together to solve problems big and small.


The best rated episodes of Numberblocks are:
  • How Rectangly S5E11 rated 10.0
  • Odd Side Story S5E10 rated 10.0
  • Two Times Shoe Shop S5E9 rated 10.0
  • Twoland S5E8 rated 10.0
  • More to Explore S4E30 rated 10.0
  • Step Squads S3E30 rated 10.0
  • The Way of the Rectangle S3E23 rated 10.0
  • Twelve S3E22 rated 10.0
  • Eleven S3E21 rated 10.0
  • The Wrong Number S3E20 rated 10.0
The lowest rated episodes of Numberblocks are:
  • On Your Head S4E2 rated 4.3
  • Fifteen's Minute of Fame S4E1 rated 5.3
  • Fruit Salad S3E4 rated 6.0
  • Numberblock Rally S3E12 rated 6.0
  • Ten Again S3E15 rated 6.0
  • The Legend of Big Tum S3E18 rated 6.0
  • Balancing Bridge S4E4 rated 6.0
  • Sixteen S4E5 rated 6.0
  • Square Club S4E6 rated 6.0
  • Eighteen S4E8 rated 6.0

The first episode of Numberblocks aired on January 23, 2017.

The last episode of Numberblocks aired on June 25, 2021.

There are 120 episodes of Numberblocks.

There are 5 seasons of Numberblocks.


Numberblocks is set to return for future episodes.

Best Episodes of Numberblocks

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