HANEBADO! Episode Rating Graph poster

HANEBADO! Episode Rating Graph

Jul 2018 - Sep 2018


HANEBADO! Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of HANEBADO! are:
  • On the Other Side of That Net S1E13 rated 7.8
  • Step Forward Already! S1E12 rated 7.5
  • What I Want Us to Be Is Not 'Friends' S1E9 rated 7.5
  • She Was Perfect S1E3 rated 7.4
The lowest rated episodes of HANEBADO! are:
  • I'm Lost Right Now, Too S1E4 rated 6.9
  • The Backhand Grip Is Like This S1E10 rated 7.0
  • You're Not Alone S1E5 rated 7.2
  • Meat's the Best After a Workout! S1E2 rated 7.2

The first episode of HANEBADO! aired on July 01, 2018.

The last episode of HANEBADO! aired on September 30, 2018.

There are 13 episodes of HANEBADO!.

There is one season of HANEBADO!.


HANEBADO! has ended.

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