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Atmospheres was a weekly television series on The Weather Channel. The series, hosted by popular meteorologist Jim Cantore and Mish Michaels, featured current weather news and information. Some of the original segments included "Feature of the Week", dramatic rescue stories from inclement weather; "Destinations", which highlighted exotic locales; "In The Elements", profiles of people working in extreme weather, and a unique weather story that varied with each episode. Each episode contained three local and two national forecasts. Originally, Atmospheres aired new episodes on Sundays at 8PM and 11PM eastern, Wednesdays at 8PM eastern, and Saturdays at 5PM eastern. Encore episodes aired on Saturdays at 8PM and 11PM eastern and Sundays at 5PM eastern. In January 2003, when the award winning drama Storm Stories premiered, new episodes of Atmospheres no longer aired. Reruns still aired on weekends until the end of summer 2003 when Storm Stories started airing every night. Since then, Atmospheres has not been on The Weather Channel's programming schedule; however, Atmospheres was the first entry of a vision and initiative proposed in 2000 for creating a defining signature long-form program like Storm Stories, It Could Happen Tomorrow and When Weather Changed History. Cantores new show, Storm Stories premiered the same night Atmospheres had ended.


Atmospheres has ended.

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