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KateModern was the sister series of lonelygirl15. The series, which was announced on July 16, 2007, began filming on July 9 and the first video, Fight and Flight, was released on July 16. The show is produced by EQAL in partnership with Bebo. It ended on June 28, 2008, slightly less than a year following its original release. KateModern is set in East London, England, and bears many similarities to its parent series. Both Kate and Bree are avid video bloggers and carry a dark secret. The series takes the ongoing story from the lonelygirl15 series, transposing it against a London backdrop. Major plot lines and story arcs are related between both series. Several characters from both series have communicated with each other, and a formal two-week cross-over was run between them in April 2008. There is an alternate reality game component of the series as well. KateModern was the second interactive online series developed by LG15 Studios. Like lonelygirl15, KateModern included product integration as an original marketing solution. KateModern was the first truly interactive show online, which utilizes the tools available on Bebo to help fans interact. KateModern videos first appeared on Bebo and lg15.com, then with a delay of at least 24 hours on YouTube. Ratings for the show's first season were extremely successful, and it continued to rise in popularity in its second. See ratings below.

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