Blue's Room Episode Rating Graph poster

Blue's Room Episode Rating Graph

Aug 2004 - Mar 2007


Blue's Room Episode Rating Graph poster

Blue's Room is a children's puppet show television series which is aimed at preschoolers, aged 2–6, and it is a spin-off series of the popular Blue's Clues series. It originally started as a short segment that came near the end of the original Blue's Clues show, originally cast off as Blue's personal imaginary world once Joe took over the show after his brother Steve "went to college". Later on, when Joe also decided to leave the show Blue's Clues, the short segment became a show itself, with Joe appearing in some episodes. What distinguishes Blue's Room from Blue's Clues is that Blue herself transforms from an animated blue puppy into an English-speaking puppet that directly interacts with the child with open ended questions or asks if a presented idea or solution is correct. The Season One episode "Meet Blue's Baby Brother" is a turnaround episode for this series, bringing most of the concepts of Blue's Clues into the new series and getting additional interest in the series.


The best rated episodes of Blue's Room are:
  • Knights of the Snack Table S2E9 rated 10.0
The lowest rated episodes of Blue's Room are:
  • Blue's Farm Playdate S2E1 rated 10.0

The first episode of Blue's Room aired on August 02, 2004.

The last episode of Blue's Room aired on March 29, 2007.

There are 16 episodes of Blue's Room.

There are 2 seasons of Blue's Room.


Blue's Room has ended.

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