Wiseguy Episode Rating Graph poster

Wiseguy Episode Rating Graph

Sep 1987 - Dec 1990


Wiseguy Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Wiseguy are:
  • Dirty Little Wars S1E21 rated 8.0
  • Blood Drive S1E19 rated 7.9
  • Revenge of the Mud People S2E3 rated 7.9
  • Wiseguy (2) S1E2 rated 7.8
  • 7th Avenue Freeze Out S2E6 rated 7.7
  • Player to be Named Now S1E15 rated 7.7
  • A Deal's a Deal S1E8 rated 7.7
  • Wiseguy (1) S1E1 rated 7.7
  • The Merchant of Death S1E16 rated 7.6
  • No One Gets Out of Here Alive S1E10 rated 7.6
The lowest rated episodes of Wiseguy are:
  • Romp S3E15 rated 4.7
  • Sleepwalk S3E5 rated 5.0
  • To Die in Bettendorf S3E14 rated 5.0
  • Meet Mike McPike S3E13 rated 5.4
  • How Will They Remember Me? S3E6 rated 5.8
  • People Do it All the Time S3E7 rated 5.8
  • Meltdown S3E20 rated 5.8
  • Reunion S3E8 rated 5.8
  • The Four-Letter Word (1) S2E21 rated 5.8
  • Call it Casaba S2E20 rated 6.0

The first episode of Wiseguy aired on September 16, 1987.

The last episode of Wiseguy aired on December 22, 1990.

There are 75 episodes of Wiseguy.

There are 4 seasons of Wiseguy.


Wiseguy has ended.

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