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Go, Baby! is a series of short interstitial programs created by Josh Selig that aired from December 2004 to January 2008 on Playhouse Disney programming block on the Disney Channel. The series features an African American infant named Baby and his Asian infant playmate, Sophie, both of whom are created by animating still photographs. The series also features an animated butterfly named Butterfly. The show's production company is Little Airplane Productions. The narrator is represented by a human hand and is voiced by actor and writer Richard Kind. The characters are placed in may different settings and along with them the viewers are encouraged to help Baby and Sophie make discoveries such as locating common objects obscured within the photo-montage scenery, play a drum, build a castle, or opening a jack-in-the-box. The show airs for approximately five minutes and targets children ages three to six. The episodes are titled according to the theme and setting Baby will be taking place in like, Farm, Beach, Music, Space, Bathtub, Birthday, Garden and Dance The character baby is usually dressed in all white and is seated. Baby does not speak, for he is shown as a toddler, and is usually seen laughing or surprised. The show begins with the view of Baby's diaper and the title, Go, Baby! printed on. The narrator then precedes to introduce Baby and the "mission" baby is attempting to complete. As seen in the Music episode, Baby attempts to play the drums with his head and the narrator then asks the viewer to "show" baby how to play the drums correctly. In doing so, the viewer is given two to three seconds before Baby continues and plays the drums correctly. Baby goes through various complications in one episode, like the drums to the guitar. In doing so, the viewer is encouraged to play along and help Baby

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