Kamisama Kiss Episode Rating Graph poster

Kamisama Kiss Episode Rating Graph

Oct 2012 - Mar 2015


Kamisama Kiss Episode Rating Graph poster

Nanami was just a normal high school girl down on her luck until a stranger’s lips marked her as the new Land God and turned her world upside down. Now, she’s figuring out the duties of a deity with the help of Tomoe, a reformed fox demon who reluctantly becomes her familiar in a contract sealed with a kiss. The new responsibilities—and boys—are a lot to handle, like the crow demon masquerading as a gorgeous pop idol and the adorable snake spirit who’s chosen the newly minted god to be his bride. As the headstrong Tomoe tries to whip her into shape, Nanami finds that love just might have cute, pointed fox ears. With romance in the air, will the human deity be able to prove herself worthy of her new title?


The best rated episodes of Kamisama Kiss are:
  • The God Receives a Romantic Confession S2E10 rated 8.6
  • The God Receives a Marriage Proposal S2E12 rated 8.5
  • I've Started the "Being a God" Thing S1E13 rated 8.5
  • I've Started the "Being a God" Thing Again S2E1 rated 8.3
  • The God Is Blindsided S2E9 rated 8.2
  • The God Sneaks In S2E8 rated 8.2
  • The God Races Across the Netherworld S2E4 rated 8.2
  • The God Goes Back to Being a Child S2E11 rated 8.1
The lowest rated episodes of Kamisama Kiss are:
  • Nanami Becomes a God S1E1 rated 7.6
  • Tomoe Becomes a Familiar / The God Goes to a Mixer S1E10 rated 7.6
  • The God Becomes a Target S1E2 rated 7.7
  • The God Falls Into the Netherworld S2E3 rated 7.7
  • The Familiar Goes Into Town S1E11 rated 7.8
  • The God Loses Her Home S1E5 rated 7.8
  • The God Makes a Match S1E3 rated 7.8
  • The God Goes to Izumo S2E2 rated 7.9

The first episode of Kamisama Kiss aired on October 02, 2012.

The last episode of Kamisama Kiss aired on March 30, 2015.

There are 25 episodes of Kamisama Kiss.

There are 2 seasons of Kamisama Kiss.


Kamisama Kiss has ended.

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