Killjoys Episode Rating Graph poster

Killjoys Episode Rating Graph

Jun 2015 - Sep 2019


Killjoys Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Killjoys are:
  • Last Dance S5E10 rated 8.1
  • How to Kill Friends and Influence People S2E10 rated 8.0
  • Wargasm S3E10 rated 8.0
  • Escape Velocity S1E10 rated 7.9
  • Cherchez La Bitch S5E7 rated 7.9
  • A Bout, A Girl S5E5 rated 7.9
  • The Kids Are Alright S4E9 rated 7.8
  • It Takes a Pillage S4E8 rated 7.8
  • Reckoning Ball S3E9 rated 7.8
  • Enemy Khlyen S1E9 rated 7.8
The lowest rated episodes of Killjoys are:
  • Bangarang S1E1 rated 7.3
  • The Harvest S1E3 rated 7.4
  • The Sugar Point Run S1E2 rated 7.4
  • Vessel S1E4 rated 7.4
  • One Blood S1E6 rated 7.6
  • Wild, Wild Westerley S2E2 rated 7.6
  • Shaft S2E3 rated 7.6
  • A Glitch in the System S1E5 rated 7.6
  • Schooled S2E4 rated 7.6
  • Full Metal Monk S2E8 rated 7.6

The first episode of Killjoys aired on June 19, 2015.

The last episode of Killjoys aired on September 20, 2019.

There are 50 episodes of Killjoys.

There are 5 seasons of Killjoys.


Killjoys has ended.

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