100 Huntley Street Episode Rating Graph poster

100 Huntley Street Episode Rating Graph

Jun 1977 - Nov 2006


100 Huntley Street Episode Rating Graph poster

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100 Huntley Street is a Christian daily talk show and the flagship program of Crossroads Christian Communications based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Created in 1976 by Rev. David Mainse, it first aired on June 15, 1977 from its first studios located at 100 Huntley Street in the St. James Town area of Downtown Toronto. In 1992, the show left its eponymous address and relocated to new studios in Burlington, located on an expressway service road near the northwest quadrant of the "Crossroads Interchange", Exit 100 on the Queen Elizabeth Way and Highway 403, that also became home to the Crossroads Television System and is flagship, CITS-DT. The original studio location on Huntley Street is now part of the Rogers Building, the corporate head office of Rogers Communications. The show airs on television stations throughout Canada and the United States in syndication. Within Canada, the show airs on the ministry's own CTS, and as brokered programming on several local stations, including all Global Television Network stations.

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