Haikyu!! Episode Rating Graph poster

Haikyu!! Episode Rating Graph

Apr 2014 - Dec 2020


Haikyu!! Episode Rating Graph poster

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Best Episodes of Haikyu!!

Worst Episodes of Haikyu!!

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The best rated episodes of Haikyu!! are:
  • Monsters' Ball S4E24 rated 9.3
  • The Absolute Limit Switch S2E24 rated 9.3
  • The Battle of Concepts S3E10 rated 9.1
  • The Halo Around the Moon S3E4 rated 9.1
  • Pitons S4E22 rated 9.0
  • The Volleyball Idiots S3E9 rated 8.9
  • An Annoying Guy S3E8 rated 8.8
  • The Birth of the Serene King S4E23 rated 8.8
  • The Chemical Change of Encounters S3E6 rated 8.8
  • The Former Coward's Fight S2E22 rated 8.7
The lowest rated episodes of Haikyu!! are:
  • Cats vs. Monkeys S4E17 rated 7.6
  • Lost S4E2 rated 7.6
  • Challenger S4E8 rated 7.7
  • Enhancements S4E6 rated 7.7
  • Everyone's Night S4E9 rated 7.8
  • Karasuno High School Volleyball Club S1E2 rated 7.8
  • Decision S1E11 rated 7.8
  • Moonrise S2E7 rated 7.8
  • The Iron Wall Can Be Rebuilt Again and Again S2E19 rated 7.9
  • Center Ace S2E4 rated 7.9

The first episode of Haikyu!! aired on April 06, 2014.

The last episode of Haikyu!! aired on December 19, 2020.

There are 85 episodes of Haikyu!!.

There are 4 seasons of Haikyu!!.


Haikyu!! has ended.

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