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Apr 1971 - present


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Young Talent Time, is an Australian television variety program screened on Network Ten. The original series ran from 1971 until 1988 and was hosted by musician Johnny Young. The show was revived by Network Ten in 2012 and is hosted by musician and actor Rob Mills. The series features a core group of young performers, in the vein of The Mickey Mouse Club, and a weekly junior talent quest. The "Young Talent Team" perform popular classic songs along with the top hit songs of the day. The original program launched the careers of a number of Australian performers including Jamie Redfern, Tina Arena and Dannii Minogue and spawned numerous hit singles, fifteen Young Talent Time albums, a film, swap cards, boardgames, toys, and numerous Logie Awards. The first episode of the original series aired on Channel 0 in Melbourne at 7.00pm on Saturday 24 April 1971. The final episode aired on Network Ten at 7.30pm on Friday 23 December 1988. The first episode of the 2012 series aired on Network Ten at 6.30pm on Sunday 22 January 2012.

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