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Gladiators is a sports entertainment television show that was an international success during the 1990s and early 2000s with shows being filmed in America, Finland, The United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Nigeria and Denmark. Russia, Germany, The Bahamas and Japan would also compete in international shows during the series. After a lengthy break, Gladiators was revived in 2008 in the UK, the US, and Australia, in 2009 Saudi Arabia created their own series featuring competitors from all over the Arab region and most recently Sweden has brought back their version which is proving more successful than any other revival. The concept of the show is that athletic members of the public battle against the show's own Gladiators to claim points in several events that require speed, strength and skill. In the final event of the show, "The Eliminator" the contenders race against each other, with the first to finish winning the episode and moving onto the next round. A children's derivative of the concept was also made in the US, called Gladiators 2000. A UK variant of this was aired starting in 1995, called Gladiators: Train 2 Win.

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