Mangirl! Episode Rating Graph poster

Mangirl! Episode Rating Graph

Jan 2013 - Mar 2013


Mangirl! Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Mangirl! are:
  • It's Anime Time S1E13 rated 8.0
  • The First Volume S1E12 rated 8.0
  • Comisuke Planet S1E8 rated 7.7
  • Something Borrowed S1E9 rated 7.5
The lowest rated episodes of Mangirl! are:
  • This is Comic Earth Star's Editorial Staff S1E1 rated 5.9
  • Perfect Day for a Gravure Shoot S1E3 rated 6.7
  • Infinite Proofreading S1E6 rated 7.0
  • Buy More S1E10 rated 7.0

The first episode of Mangirl! aired on January 03, 2013.

The last episode of Mangirl! aired on March 28, 2013.

There are 13 episodes of Mangirl!.

There is one season of Mangirl!.


Mangirl! has ended.

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