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Marc is a British television series presented by T. Rex lead singer Marc Bolan. It was produced in Manchester by Granada Television for the ITV network. Produced by Muriel Young and directed by Nicholas Ferguson, it ran for six weekly episodes in the Autumn of 1977, before its host died in a car crash on 16 September that year. A pop music show, it gave Bolan a chance to showcase punk bands, including Generation X, The Jam and Eddie and the Hot Rods. T. Rex performed at least three songs each week - a mixture of new versions of their old hits, and fresh tracks - while the guests were slotted in between. Not all were as notable as those listed above, though they also included Roger Taylor, drummer with the rock band Queen, in a rare solo TV appearance. They were also joined by a dance troupe called Heart Throb. The last episode featured Bolan duetting with his friend David Bowie. Before the song had reached its end, Bolan tripped over a microphone cable and fell off the stage. Bowie is said to have called out "Could we have a wooden box for Marc [to stand on]?". The final show was recorded on 7 September 1977, but not broadcast until after Bolan's funeral on, which was also attended by David Bowie and Rod Stewart, among others.


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