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Cube News 1 is a bi-weekly comic video about surviving life in the corporate cubicle. From Cube News Central, her cubicle, Kim does these two to five minute 'cube-casts' covering such topics as “Feeling Postal”, coping with office rage, “Chair Butt”, the peril of sedentary work, and “Cube De-Coder”, deciphering corporate gibberish. A recent addition is the spin-off The Adventures of Cubegirl, a cubicle worker by day but super-hero when needed, who collates faster than a copy machine, and is saving the world, one cubicle at a time. This serial follows the exploits of our intrepid heroine, impeded only by her weakness from gypsum dust, as she rescues coworkers from various forms of corporate abuse. These five to seven minute videos of Kim's alter ego are done on a broader scale than Cube News 1, with various sets, supporting cast, special effects, and, of course, the occasional elaborate sword play.

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