Boston Legal Episode Rating Graph poster

Boston Legal Episode Rating Graph

Oct 2004 - Dec 2008


Boston Legal Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Boston Legal are:
  • Last Call (2) S5E13 rated 8.7
  • Made In China (1) S5E12 rated 8.3
  • The Court Supreme S4E17 rated 8.2
  • Juiced S5E11 rated 8.2
  • Patriot Acts S4E20 rated 8.1
  • Death Be Not Proud S1E17 rated 8.1
  • Dances with Wolves S5E3 rated 8.1
  • Legal Deficits S2E10 rated 8.1
  • Helping Hands S2E12 rated 8.0
  • Race Ipsa S2E23 rated 8.0
The lowest rated episodes of Boston Legal are:
  • Attack of the Xenophobes S4E7 rated 7.6
  • The Object of My Affection S4E6 rated 7.6
  • Squid Pro Quo S2E25 rated 7.7
  • Oral Contracts S4E8 rated 7.7
  • The Black Widow S2E1 rated 7.7
  • The Chicken and the Leg S4E3 rated 7.7
  • Let Sales Ring S1E16 rated 7.8
  • Do Tell S4E4 rated 7.8
  • Change of Course S1E4 rated 7.8
  • Glow in the Dark S4E13 rated 7.8

The first episode of Boston Legal aired on October 03, 2004.

The last episode of Boston Legal aired on December 08, 2008.

There are 101 episodes of Boston Legal.

There are 5 seasons of Boston Legal.


Boston Legal has ended.

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