11eyes Episode Rating Graph poster

11eyes Episode Rating Graph

Oct 2009 - Dec 2009


11eyes Episode Rating Graph poster

Satsuki Kakeru lost his sister by suicide and has been living a dull life ever since then. One day, he is transported into a bizarre world "Red Night" along with his friend Minase Yuka. In order to survive and escape from Red Night, he fights against Dark Spirits (Ralva) and Black Nights.


The best rated episodes of 11eyes are:
  • Red Night S1E1 rated 7.6
  • For My Friends and For Tomorrow S1E5 rated 7.4
  • The Lonely Pride S1E3 rated 7.1
  • The Girl In The Crystal S1E2 rated 7.0
The lowest rated episodes of 11eyes are:
  • The Witch Awakens S1E10 rated 6.2
  • The Choice Called Ruin S1E11 rated 6.4
  • Twisted Awakening S1E7 rated 6.4
  • Broken Bonds S1E9 rated 6.6

The first episode of 11eyes aired on October 07, 2009.

The last episode of 11eyes aired on December 22, 2009.

There are 12 episodes of 11eyes.

There is one season of 11eyes.


11eyes has ended.

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