Rozen Maiden Episode Rating Graph poster

Rozen Maiden Episode Rating Graph

Oct 2004 - Jan 2006


Rozen Maiden Episode Rating Graph poster

Jun is a total recluse who won't take a step outside his house and only loves online shopping. When Jun winds up a doll that suddenly appears in his room because of his mail-orders tendencies, he has no idea what he's in for. The doll comes to life and proclaims herself to be 'Shinku'. She later binds Jun to her as a medium, her counterpart, and her magical power source, in an attempt to save his life. And so starts the beginning of a chaotic life for the Sakurada household as more Rozen Maidens arrive on their doorsteps. But what are the Rozen Maidens and why do they exist? And will Jun learn to open up his heart and face his fears? The main characters are: Sakurada Jun - The main lead of the story who has to learn to face his fears, thanks to the arrival of Shinku. The interaction between Jun and Shinku are often funny and at times, touching.


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