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Narges, is the name of a popular Iranian TV program. This was supposed to be the first 90-episode drama on Islamic Republic of Iran's TV with such a story line, but further on the series finished in 69 episodes which was still the longest series in its kind broadcast so far. Poupak Goldareh, who played the character of Narges, died in a car accident when the series was filming its 37th episode. After this incident, Setareh Eskandari played as a substitute actress. The actress Nasrin refused to play for a few days because she couldn't bear playing with anyone other than Poupak. A notable point of Narges is the performance of Hasan Pourshirazi as Mr. Shoukat, a wealthy cloth dealer in Tehran's bazar. Months after the final episode was broadcast, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, one of the main and some say the most popular character of the TV show, became the center of a national scandal when a homemade sex tape purportedly featuring her was leaked to the internet. Because of legal and social problems she was facing following this incident, the actress moved to Dubai and then to Europe.

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