Dekh Bhai Dekh Episode Rating Graph poster

Dekh Bhai Dekh Episode Rating Graph

May 1993 - Aug 1994


Dekh Bhai Dekh Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Dekh Bhai Dekh are:
  • Diwan Family Adds Spice to Couple's Life S1E28 rated 8.0
  • Vishal Falls in Love S1E26 rated 8.0
  • Kareema Leaves Diwan House S1E19 rated 8.0
  • Dadu Turns Poet S1E18 rated 8.0
  • Balraj has Diabetes? S1E3 rated 8.0
  • Diwans Get Their House Back S1E2 rated 8.0
  • Priya Uses Keerti against Suhasini (Pt. 2) S1E35 rated 7.0
  • Priya's Unfair Tricks (Pt. 1) S1E34 rated 7.0
  • Dingu joins Diwan Family S1E33 rated 7.0
  • Sanju Asks for Forgiveness (Pt. 2) S1E32 rated 7.0
The lowest rated episodes of Dekh Bhai Dekh are:
  • Balraj's Promotion Is At Stake S1E1 rated 4.0
  • Mysterious Scented Pink Letter (Pt. 1) S1E10 rated 6.0
  • Mysterious Scented Pink Letter (Pt. 2) S1E11 rated 6.0
  • Kirti is Sanju and Sanju is Kirti (Pt. 1) S1E21 rated 6.0
  • Astrologer Sahil S1E27 rated 6.0
  • Balraj Has An Extramarital Affair? S1E4 rated 7.0
  • Is Chachi Being Taken For Granted? (Pt. 1) S1E5 rated 7.0
  • Chachi Invests In Fraud Company (Pt. 2) S1E6 rated 7.0
  • Chachi's First Novel For Printing S1E7 rated 7.0
  • An Unknown Kid Walks Inside S1E8 rated 7.0

The first episode of Dekh Bhai Dekh aired on May 06, 1993.

The last episode of Dekh Bhai Dekh aired on August 11, 1994.

There are 66 episodes of Dekh Bhai Dekh.

There is one season of Dekh Bhai Dekh.


Dekh Bhai Dekh has ended.

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