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Jan 2007 - Mar 2007


Dangerous Episode Rating Graph poster

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Dangerous is an Australian television drama series that first screened on 16 January 2007 on FOX8 and was shown in Ireland on RTÉ One. In mid-2008, it began running on The WB's online network in the US. It features a "Romeo and Juliet" story of forbidden love, set against the culturally diverse backgrounds of Sydney's western suburbs street crime and the affluence of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. It explores youth culture, including taboo subjects like party drug use and the underground world of drag racing and ramraiding. Dangerous is produced by John Edwards and Imogen Banks. Writers include Fiona Seres and Brendan Cowell, acclaimed for their work on Love My Way. It is directed by David Caesar and Shawn Seet. The series' theme song is "Set The Record Straight", performed by New Zealand hip hop group Fast Crew, although the lyrics "Auckland City, let's go" has been changed to "Sydney City, let's go" for use on the show.


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