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Sep 2005 - May 2006


Love, Inc. Episode Rating Graph poster

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The energetic staff of LOVE, INC. takes pride in their success as full-service dating consultants. Leading the flourishing team is owner and founder of LOVE, INC., Clea. After her marriage of nine years falls apart, she now finds herself thrust into the dating world once again. Denise Johnson, an energetic, pragmatic, young woman who helps Clea make the company a success, is skilled at helping her clients find their seemingly unattainable soulmates, yet struggles with her inability to find true love. Making the hip busy offices run smoothly is Francine, who in addition to being a excellent wingwoman, has a great sense of fashion style and encourages her clients to trust it. Rounding out the staff is Viviana, a quick-witted and sharp tongued receptionist, and Barry, a wingman whose quirky ways and comments always stun everyone.

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