Starship Exeter Episode Rating Graph poster

Starship Exeter Episode Rating Graph

Dec 2002 - Dec 2002


Starship Exeter Episode Rating Graph poster

Starship Exeter is a Star Trek fan film project, one of the earliest of the semi-professional fan film projects that have become an increasingly common fixture of the internet video scene. Although fan films have been produced for almost as long as there have been film fans, they were generally few and far between before the advent of home video. It is only with the two-pronged revolution of digital video production/editing and the advent of internet distribution that they have become something more than a curiosity to be shared by a few intimates. As with many other fanfilms, Exeter create an entirely new series around event of an established franchise. Starship Exeter is set within the continuity of the original Star Trek series, and features the new crew of a sister-ship to the famous USS Enterprise, the titular USS Exeter, NCC-1706, whose previous crew were exterminated in the Star Trek episode "The Omega Glory".

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