School Rumble Episode Rating Graph poster

School Rumble Episode Rating Graph

Oct 2004 - Sep 2006


School Rumble Episode Rating Graph poster

While there is a decided lack of rumble in School Rumble, there’s more hilarious humdingers than any single dinger can hum… Look that one up! And while there is a truck full of pigs, a giraffe, flying saucers and crazy dream sequences, none of that’s even close to what this show’s about. (Though I would probably watch that show, too!) Here’s what you need to know: Sophomore cutie Tenma is completely crushed on classmate Karasuma past the point of freakin’ out. Tough guy Harima, with his own delinquent style of freak, has a long-standing crush on Tenma… And Karasuma? Can you say clueless? He’s pretty much all about the curry. Mmm… Curry! With enough tangled triangles for an entire semester of geometry, just keep in mind… School Rumble – The absolutely funniest show you’ll ever see that’s not about anything that rumbles… Ever!


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