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Navad is an Iranian, popular weekly television program broadcast by Channel 3 in Iran. The host of the program is Adel Ferdosipour. The main subject of the program is the football matches played in the Iranian Premier League every week. Every episode has two guests, one who analyzes the technical aspects of the matches, and the other discusses the referee's decisions and errors. On some shows, famous football players are invited and interviewed as well. Navad show contains segments like "With the Legionnaires", "Navad News" and "SMS-Win". Since 1 January 2009, extraordinary activities on this program there has been rumors of politics getting directly involved in the program, forcing the reporter to encourage or discourage certain subjects and putting limits on how far a discussion can go. Although not being officially covered by the mass media, several caricaturists have drawn controversial cartoons about this program which were published on blogs and certain magazines.

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