Kid vs. Kat Episode Rating Graph poster

Kid vs. Kat Episode Rating Graph

Oct 2008 - Dec 2011


Kid vs. Kat Episode Rating Graph poster

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The best rated episodes of Kid vs. Kat are:
  • Let the Games Begin S1E1 rated 7.5
  • Something About Fiona S2E1 rated 7.3
  • Me-Oh-Me-Oh Meow S1E4 rated 7.2
  • U.F. Float S1E21 rated 7.0
  • Just Me and Glue S1E13 rated 7.0
  • Trespassers Will Be Persecuted S1E3 rated 7.0
  • Night of the Zombie Kat S1E2 rated 6.8
  • Cookie D'Uh S1E6 rated 6.8
  • Rebel with a Claw S2E21 rated 6.5
  • The Bottyguard S2E20 rated 6.5
The lowest rated episodes of Kid vs. Kat are:
  • Hypnokat S1E11 rated 3.0
  • The Allergy S1E12 rated 3.0
  • How the Test Was Won S1E15 rated 3.0
  • One Big, Happy Family S1E19 rated 3.0
  • Play N'Ice S1E22 rated 3.0
  • House of Scream S1E23 rated 3.0
  • Pet Peeved S1E26 rated 3.0
  • Flea Brains S2E3 rated 3.0
  • Menace the Dennis S2E4 rated 3.0
  • Reap it and Weep S2E6 rated 3.0

The first episode of Kid vs. Kat aired on October 25, 2008.

The last episode of Kid vs. Kat aired on December 03, 2011.

There are 104 episodes of Kid vs. Kat.

There are 2 seasons of Kid vs. Kat.


Kid vs. Kat has ended.

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